Technology Inn: Making Your Hotel Conference Rooms High-Tech

Event planners love being able to use hotel conference rooms for both in-town and out-of-town events. Everything from makeup conventions to business meetings happen inside of hotel conference areas. The one issue is that many hotels are located in the same area in most towns. If you want to raise your desirability and the amount of events that your conference room books, you should make your hotel room more high-tech. Here are some accessories that you can add to your conference rooms to make your rooms more desirable. 

Smart room with tablet

Instead of the traditional light switch, intercom system, and other nearly archaic technology, you can install a tablet that allows the users of the room to operate everything inside of the conference space. Have the smartphone set up to be able to control the upgraded lighting, room door locks, and paging and intercom systems. Set up the tablet so that the room occupants can push a button to contact the front desk and so that they can even order from room service. This will make running conferences more smooth for the hotel staff and for the conference-goers. 

Install mood lighting

Lighting should not just be set to "on" and "off." Install mood lighting inside of your hotel conference rooms. Be sure that the smart tablet affixed to the wall of the room can change the brightness and color of the lighting. This way, you will not only attract business meetings, but also non-traditional events such as makeup tutorials from celebrity makeup artists and events for social clubs from in and out of town. Install strobe lighting for those who may host performance events inside of the conference rooms. 

Smartphone projectors

One of the most used pieces of technology inside of a conference room is the projector. To make utilizing the projector easier for people of every generation, install a projector that will allow the use of a smartphone. Most people under the age of 30 will have a smartphone that they use on a constant basis. Being able to pull up videos, emails, and written information via smartphone is easy. A projector that accepts smartphones with a few simple instructions also means that you do not have to have IT set up the projectors for all meetings, saving time. Be sure to advertise the smart technology of your conference rooms to attract those who are looking for up-to-date places to host their modern events.