How To Stay Organized At Your Hotel

Traveling can be stressful, especially if you are travelling with your family. You're trying to keep your family happy, keep track of your children, and make plans daily, so it's easy to become disorganized and eventually lose something (or some things) while on your trip. There are things you can do to help you stay organized while still enjoying your hotel stay. See below for some tips to help you on your next vacation.

Make A List

Always make a packing list for each member of your family. This will help you remember not only what you want to take with you, but also remember what you need to pack up to take home. It can be especially difficult to remember everything you brought with you, especially when you have kids—did you bring the small, brown teddy bear or leave it at home? Making a list is always a good idea.

Use Organizers/Packing Aids

To help you keep track of smaller items, use packing aids such as toiletry bags to keep all of those items together. Use jewelry organizers to keep your jewelry safe and easy to find. For those power cords/chargers for each of your tech products, place them in small containers or a travel organizer to keep them from getting tangled together. Make your own travel organizer using a piece of fabric and some elastic. Sew the elastic to the piece of fabric allowing gaps in the elastic for the chargers and cords to slide into.


Unpack your suitcases and other items as soon as you arrive at the hotel (if you've arrived late, it can wait until the morning). Unpacking once you arrive will ensure you have placed your clothing either in the closet, or in drawers so they don't get wrinkled each time you open up and rummage through your suitcase. This also helps you to see what all you brought with you and what you may need to run out and buy (sometimes you still forget to pack underwear or socks even with that list). Put food in cabinets or inside the refrigerator, and put toiletries in the bathroom where they belong. Unpacking also makes it feel less like you are living out of your suitcase and will make your resort/hotel feel more homey.

Family vacations can be stressful, but staying organized may help relieve some of the stress while traveling so you can fully enjoy your resort and hotel. Be sure to always use lists, unpack, and look for organizers to help keep everything in its place in your suitcase. Be sure to use your list when re-packing after your vacation is over, so you don't leave anything behind—like your child's favorite teddy bear.