Planning A Surfing Trip To El Salvador? Here Are 3 More Activities You Have To Try While You're There

If you're heading to El Salvador with your surf board, don't limit yourself to the surfing. There are some awesome adventures waiting you that are just off the beaten path. While El Salvador is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, it's also home to volcanic crater lakes, like Lago De Ilopango. Now that you're planning your surf trip, here are three activities you need to try while you're in El Salvador.

Enjoy the Street Art

If you're into the art scene, you need to explore the street art of San Salvador. As soon as you start exploring, you'll find that every street hides a virtual treasure trove of unforgettable art. Everything from beautiful scenic drawings to extreme political art are available to public viewing. The art work is completely free to view, and you can pull up a seat and watch the local artists create their masterpieces right in front of you. Find an artist you like? Purchase a piece of art work to take home with you. You'll be investing in the arts, and providing income to the local artists.

Take a Bicycle Tour

If you want to get a better view of the cities, and all they have to offer, try taking a guided bike tour. San Salvador offers some of the best bike tours. Each tour comes complete with a tour guide that is fluent in English, which means you won't have to guess where you are, or wonder about what you're seeing. While you're on your bike tour, you'll get to experience the best that San Salvador has to offer, including art museums and historical sites. You'll also get to shop from the local street vendors, and visit some of the quaint shops in the nearby plazas.

Expand Beyond Surfing

When it comes to surfing, you need to stop at El Tunco Beach. As soon as you start surfing, you'll realize how perfect the breaks are. The waves are so perfect at El Tunco that you might not want to get off your board, but you should. If you don't, you'll miss out on some of the other water adventures El Tunco has to offer, such as boogie boarding and cliff diving.

If you're heading to El Salvador for some surfing, don't forget to check out everything else that the country has to offer. Use the travel tips provided here to enjoy all this beautiful country has to offer. For more info on your stay, contact a company like Octavius Prince.