Four Adventurous Vacation Ideas

Some people's perfect idea of a vacation is doing nothing but laying on some beach somewhere, and there's nothing wrong with that. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, but some people crave a little more adventure. Here are four vacations that may be just what you're looking for.

Archaeology Digs

You don't need an anthropology degree to get down and dirty excavating the earth, looking for fossils and answers to history's mysteries. If archaeology and history have always fascinated you and you fancy yourself an amateur Indiana Jones, an educational archaeology dig may be just right for you. There are several websites that can help you find the adventure you want, including the Earthwatch Institute, which lists expeditions available around the world.

Foodie Tour

If you love all things food, why not choose a vacation that will allow you to indulge your passion? Cruise the Adriatic on a chartered yacht, stopping along Croatia's Dalmatian Coast, exploring authentic Mediterranean foods. Take cooking classes in a French chateau in Bordeaux. Walk the vineyards of your favorite wine in Spain.

Fishing And Hunting

Whether you are a hunting and fishing aficionado or if you have just always wanted to learn, there are endless vacation for you to choose from. Maybe a rustic mountain retreat with guided outfitters who show you the best places to fly fish in Colorado is your dream, or possibly it is deep-sea fishing on a chartered yacht in the Bahamas. Perhaps black bear hunting and lobster fishing in Maine is your ideal vacation, or maybe hunting for water buffalo on safari in Africa. You can find trips for beginners, experts, or anywhere in between. Some packages even cater to women who want to learn the basics. Contact a company like Lodge of Whispering Pines to learn more.

Arts And Crafts

Take a vacation that incorporates your favorite hobby. There are vacations tailored to people who enjoy knitting or crocheting and want to learns advanced skills. Maybe you enjoy watercolor painting. Consider a trip to Paris to stand on the banks of the Seine and paint where the masters have under the expert tutelage of an expert.  

There are also educational vacations for people interested in learning old-world skills, like log cabin building, survival preparedness, or food preservation. Whatever interests or hobbies you may have, there is a vacation package that is perfect for you. Contact your travel agent to explore all of the great adventures out there waiting to be explored.