Tips For Choosing A Tennessee River Waterfront Cabin Vacation Rental

A vacation home on the Tennessee River can make a great place to get away and relax, but not all waterfront properties along the river are the same. If you're looking for a place along the river, here are some tips to help you choose a Tennessee River waterfront cabin vacation rental for your next getaway.

Check What Access is Available to the Water

All Tennessee River waterfront cabin rentals are located directly on the shore of the river, but they don't all offer the same access to the river itself. Some may have pleasant shorelines that make going for a swim easy, while others might come with a dock instead. Still other properties might have both features, or possibly no easy access to the water at all.

While there are many different types of water access, there's no one type that's right for everyone. Which water access you should look for depends on how you plan to enjoy the Tennessee River during your vacation. For example, you should look for features like thee following:

  • Gentle shoreline with shallow water if you want to swim with little children
  • Dock or boat ramp if you plan to boat on the river
  • Steep shoreline with quick drops in water depth if you hope to fish from shore
  • Clear shoreline if you primarily want to enjoy the views from your cabin rental

You may be able to find out what the water access for a vacation rental is like from the description of the property, the reviews of it, or the pictures of it. If these don't make the access clear, you can always ask the cabin owner or property manager.

Ask About Trails Along the River

Being on the water isn't just about exploring the little section of river that's directly in front of your cabin. The whole shoreline is fun to see, and one of the best ways to explore it is by foot or on a bike. 

To make sure you can explore an extensive section of the river from land, ask about trails that go along the river, and have access points near where your cabin rental is located. Both hiking and bike trails are excellent perks to have access to, and these trails might afford you additional access to the water itself.

Reviews are some of the best places to learn about trails near a cabin rental, for people who leave reviews about trails often include details about what the trails are like.