Renting Out Your Beachfront Home: A Guide For Owners

If you own a beachfront home that you only live in a few weeks or months a year, then you may want to rent it out for some extra income while you're not staying there. Most owners have no trouble finding interested renters, especially if the home is on a popular tourist beach. You will, however, benefit from following the guidance below as you start renting out your beachfront home.

1. Hire a professional to write the description.

Writing a description of a property is harder than you might think! You have to know which amenities to emphasize, and there are a lot of Fair Housing Act rules that need to be followed. (For example, you are not allowed to phrase things in a way that suggests you may discriminate against certain renters.) Many real estate agents are happy to write property descriptions for a small fee, so reach out to a real estate office near your rental and see if they offer this service. They can probably also recommend someone to photograph your property so your listing is complemented by clear photos of the things renters like to see.

2. Don't under-price the unit.

It is common for new property owners to ask for less rent than they should. You might figure this will guarantee your property is always booked. But what it will also do is attract renters who are less apt to take care of your property. Charge a little more, and renters will figure your property is worth more, so they're likely to be more responsible. If you're not sure how much you can ask for in rent, look at what other similar properties are renting for — and maybe tack on an extra $10 a night if your home is worth it.

3. Hire a professional cleaning service.

One of the biggest thing clients care about when renting a beachfront home is cleanliness. You need to hire a cleaning service to come in after each and every renter. This is especially important on the beach where sand and beach water tend to get dragged inside. Make sure you account for the cleaning service's charges when you set your rent.

If you follow the tips above, you are almost certain to find success in renting out your beachfront home. It's a great way to earn a little income with a property that you already own and love. To learn more about vacation rentals, contact a company like Poole and Associates.