3 Beach-View Features To Consider At A Beach House Rental

vacation beach house rental comes with many perks not available at other locations. One of the biggest advantages is the view and direct access to the beach. If you want to make the most out of your beach vacation, then consider the beach views that come with your rent. Check out three features to look for the next time you book a vacation beach house.

1. Balconies

Stepping outside and seeing the beach is spectacular, but you can enjoy an even better view if you rent a house with a balcony near the top. A balcony may go off a second-floor master bedroom or a public room within the home.

Depending on which way the sun rises and sets, a balcony may offer great views of the sun. You can see down onto to the beach and out far on the horizon. If you're in a more populated area, the balcony view is ideal for watching boats go by in the distance.

The background of a balcony is clear and provides you with a clean backdrop for any pictures or videos you want to take while on vacation.

2. Outdoor Kitchen & Dining

Enjoy the views of the water and the sounds of crashing waves with a house rental that has an outdoor kitchen and dining area. Instead of cooking meals inside, an outdoor grill or brick oven provides you with beach views while you cook. Homes with patio tables, picnic tables, and other outdoor furniture gives you a place to eat while you enjoy the views.

Along with eating, you can socialize and relax on the outdoor spaces. A large outdoor living space also expands the space within your home and provides you with a lot more area to explore within the same house. Some of the more updated outdoor spaces could include features like an outdoor sink or mini-fridge to store drinks and snacks.

3. Sunrooms

Even on a beach vacation, you may not have perfect weather. For a home with a sunroom, you have the opportunity to enjoy the beach views without having to go outside. If mornings or evenings are chilly, then spend time in the sunroom so you can see all of the views with the comfort of climate control.

Sunrooms vary, and some may feature floor-to-ceiling windows that expand across multiple sides of the room.

Check out listing details and photos of vacation house rentals to find properties with one or more of the beach-view features.