Four Things To Consider When Booking A Hotel For A Business Conference

Hosting your business conference provides a host of benefits, including flexible space for a variety of meetings and comfortable accommodations for all in attendance. It's essential to find a hotel that can meet all of your unique business needs, and creating a checklist of things to look for can make it easier to find the ideal spot for your next gathering. Here are some considerations you may want to add to your checklist to ensure the hotel you book can accommodate all of your attendees and your business needs. 

Room Block Availability

You'll want to make sure attendees for your conference can reserve hotel rooms for their stay. As you look for different hotels, ask about reserving a block of rooms. The hotel should be able to accommodate the number of rooms you need, though you may also want to account for co-workers who might be willing to room together to save on space and money. Work with your event planning staff to determine how many rooms you'll need. You may want to put down a deposit for a minimum number of rooms to help ensure everyone who needs a place to stay will be able to book a room. 

Flexible Meeting Spaces

Having just one meeting room might not be the most ideal option for your business conference. Smaller conference and meeting rooms let you create breakout sessions and mini training meetings for a variety of topics. Look for a hotel with a large main ballroom or meeting room to seat all in attendance as well as smaller rooms you can use for targeted audiences throughout the course of the conference. You may need to reserve the smaller rooms for specific times, but you can also work with the hotel to reserve all the necessary spaces for the duration of your conference. It's a good idea to also ask about chair and table setups as the facility should be able to situate each room for their intended purposes. For example, the main meeting room might need to be set up for both formal dinners and theater-style seating for guest speaker appearances. The staff at the hotel should be able to switch out the seating arrangements as needed for the duration of your event. 

Dining Options

Some business conferences include formal dinners held in a ballroom for at least one night of the event, but other dining options may be required to accommodate the needs of those in attendance. Look for a hotel with a variety of dining options, including complimentary continental breakfast service and a hotel bar. These different options make it easy for those attending your conference to grab a quick bite as needed between meetings. Room service is also a plus as it can be used for dining in after a long day of meetings. 

Relaxation And Entertainment

Of course, the people attending your business conference will also need a chance to unwind. Amenities at the hotel, such as a spa or swimming pool can make it easy for everyone to relax after spending each day focusing on the business at hand. The ideal hotel will also be located close to nearby attractions, as this gives attendees a range of options for entertainment outside of your business conference meetings. Consider chatting with the hotel's concierge to plan optional group outings for guests or to create a list of nearby attractions people might want to attend after the meetings conclude each day. 

For more information, contact a local hotel with meeting spaces.