Your First Time Staying At A Hotel With Your Dog

Traveling is harder when you have a dog to care for. Thankfully, some hotels are now allowing dogs to stay with their owners, which means you don't have to find a pet sitter when you travel. Every pet-friendly hotel is a little different, and policies and layouts vary from place to place. However, the following tips should always come in handy when you stay at a hotel with your dog.

Let them know you're bringing a dog.

Sometimes prospective guests see that a hotel is pet-friendly, book a room, and then just show up with their pets. This approach skips a step: notifying the hotel that you are bringing a pet. The fact that a hotel is pet-friendly does not mean that every room is pet friendly, or that you don't have to tell them you're bringing a pet. If you want to book a room at a pet-friendly hotel, you need to specifically request a pet-friendly room and provide information about your pet. Most hotels will want to see, at a minimum, a rabies certificate and proof of ownership.

Be ready to pay a fee.

Most, but not all, pet-friendly hotels do charge an extra fee if you bring a pet, so be prepared for this added cost. This fee is intended to cover the extra time it takes to clean a pet-friendly room. It may also, long-term, cover carpet replacement and other work that needs to be done more often in pet-friendly rooms.

Check out the amenities.

Check to see what amenities the hotel offers for pets. Most will have a dog walking area. Some may even have an on-site, off-leash dog park where your pup can play. You may even find hotels with dog-washing areas or groomers on-site. Look up the amenities before your stay so you know which ones you want to take advantage of once you arrive.

Bring your own food bowls, bedding, etc.

Some hotels do provide things like food bowls and dog beds for guests who forgot to pack them. But generally, your dog will be more comfortable if you bring their own items along. The ones at hotels can smell like other dogs, which some dogs find off-putting, especially when staying in an unfamiliar place.

With these tips, you and your pup should have a good stay at a pet-friendly hotel. Call the hotel you're thinking of staying at if you have any questions.