Finding Lodging When You Have Severe Allergies: What to Ask for

When you suffer from extreme allergies, traveling can be a nightmare. You have your own home all set up with special filters in your HVAC system, freshly vacuumed or swept floors, sealed windows, and even hypo-allergenic bedding, but you wonder if hotels go to the same measures to keep their guests comfortable. If just thinking about staying in a hotel where other people (and possibly their pets) have ever stayed in your room makes your eyes water and your nose itch, then you need to learn how to ask for the best room for your needs.

Renting To People With Dogs: What You Should Do In Your Lease

When renting to clients who have dogs, you want to make certain precautions. You want to make sure tenants don't abuse pet allowance rules as well as make sure you have your bases covered when it comes to safety and legalities. As a landlord, you can be held responsible for any damages or injury a tenant's dog causes if you aren't careful. Here are things you or your apartment rental company you work with should make clear in all leases you make with your renters.

Four Adventurous Vacation Ideas

Some people's perfect idea of a vacation is doing nothing but laying on some beach somewhere, and there's nothing wrong with that. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, but some people crave a little more adventure. Here are four vacations that may be just what you're looking for. Archaeology Digs You don't need an anthropology degree to get down and dirty excavating the earth, looking for fossils and answers to history's mysteries.

Room at the Inn: How to Block Hotel Space for Your Wedding Guests

Whether you're planning a wedding in your home town or in a faraway and exotic locale, you may have to deal with finding accommodations for all your out-of-town guests. If you're planning this part of the wedding weekend, here are three tips for reserving the right hotel blocks for your big day.  Know When to Block You may or may not need to reserve a block of hotel rooms depending on several factors.

Two Ways To Boost Your Hotel Food And Business Revenue

Hotels with attached restaurants aren't usually interested in allocating much, if any, of their marketing and promotional budget to the food and beverage side of things. And understandably so, considering the profit margin is much higher on rooms than it is on food and beverage. Hotel revenue averages 65 percent while revenue from the restaurant operation comprises an average of 25 percent. Because of this, many corporate hotels prefer to outsource the food and beverage component of their operations to a third-party manager.